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What Did You Want To Be … When You Grew Up?

My Dad is a retired doctor.  He spent over 40 years in the profession and as the eldest son of a career physician, I am always asked why I didn’t choose to become a doctor myself. There is the simple … Continue reading

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Hurry Springtime!! I’m tired of being S.A.D.

Okay … so this is a whiny post by someone who obviously doesn’t know just how good he’s got it … I tip my hat to all of you who suffer from what my Yankee friends call “real winter” and … Continue reading

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The 10 Best lines from the 10 Best Movies (late-60s & early-70s)

Today, whether on Turner Classic Movies (TMC) or on American Movie Classics (AMC), you get a pretty steady diet of older movies.  Some are great, some are merely good, and quite frankly, some are pretty awful! I’ve chosen the period … Continue reading

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The Leader of the Band …

We “Baby Boomers” have a lot of things in common. For one thing we aren’t getting any younger and for another, many of us have suffered in comparison to our Fathers who have been lauded as “The Greatest Generation” … … Continue reading

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Watch Another Season of American Idol? I Don’t Know …

I sort of wish that American Idol had called it quits after last year.  While I won’t call myself a “fan”, I will admit that I get pulled in to watching the show every year and once they get through … Continue reading

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“True Grit” … new and improved?

John Wayne is one of my cinematic heroes.  I’ve seen pretty much every movie “The Duke” ever made and while I agree with those who want to say that John Wayne usually simply portrayed John Wayne on the screen, I … Continue reading

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My Blog … 2010 in review

It never ceases to amaze me how great WordPress is for someone like me.  I’m someone who is totally ignorant and absolutely intimidated by the technology behind WordPress.  I’m an individual who needed every bit of the “hand-holding” and “no-brainer” aspects … Continue reading

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