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“Endless Horizon”

“Endless Horizon” … words and music 2014 by Judson Hair Sun’s coming up, the tides coming in A fresh breeze blows from the North Sea birds are sailing above the white railing The wind chimes sway back and forth Gray … Continue reading

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When You Finally Listen to the Lyrics …

Do you ever find yourself simply enjoying a song without ever giving much thought to the lyrics. I used to happen to me all the time. Particularly back in the day, when songs came on the radio randomly and by chance, … Continue reading

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Drilling & Droning … What’er You Gonna Do?

Our home and our little quarter acre is surrounded by a nice white picket fence … we put it up both the keep our dog in, and to keep intruders out. We like the way it looks.  And we also like the sense … Continue reading

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I’ve Become a Lazy Writer …

For some time now, I’ve experienced a severe downturn in my level of creativity. I find myself struggling to self-generate much enthusiasm. I’ve become a lazy writer … While I’m finding it hard to get anything going from scratch, I’ve … Continue reading

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How Old are You? … Really??

I enjoy celebrating milestones … but I’ve come to strongly dislike dividing my life up into years. We all know we have but a finite number of “years” on this Earth. However, we have the opportunity to experience an infinite … Continue reading

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FaceBook Quandry … What Do You Do When A Friend Dies?

I have a quandary … Maybe it’s just me. I don’t know. I like FaceBook, I really do … In spite of the many annoying “improvements” that have been added to FaceBook over the past couple of years, the basic … Continue reading

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Reflections Upon a Structured Life …

When I let my friends and colleagues know that I was ready to hang it up and retire, one of the first things I was told was that I would miss the “structure” … they were convinced I wouldn’t know … Continue reading

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Heading out to “Putter” …

My wife and I like to “putter” around on weekends and holidays … some call it window shopping, others call it simply messing around. For us, it’s always been “puttering. Today is Memorial Day so we’re heading out to “Putter” … … Continue reading

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Don’t Borrow Trouble …

Like I do so frequently, I’m busy borrowing trouble again. Knowing full well that it’s counter productive and self-defeating, I continue to worry excessively about what might happen. Worst case scenarios about things I’m helpless to change one way or … Continue reading

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The Aspiring Singer/Songwriter Is At It Again …

This is my latest original song … it’s about leaving behind your hassles and burdens and taking the highway to happiness … it’s an optimistic song about making positive changes in your life, while acknowledging that no situation is ever … Continue reading

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