I’ve Become a Lazy Writer …

For some time now, I’ve experienced a severe downturn in my level of creativity. I find myself struggling to self-generate much enthusiasm.

I’ve become a lazy writer …

While I’m finding it hard to get anything going from scratch, I’ve had better luck reacting to some of the interesting topics posted by other bloggers.

I think this may be an effective catalyst for my writer’s block!

My plan is to begin reading other blogs more regularly, and to occasionally make comment hoping that my response to the thoughts of others will jump start my own creative thought process, perhaps germinating a blog post of my own.

I’m 99.9% sure this is not a new idea … but, it’s new to me. Wish me luck!

About Judson

Late bloomer ... aspiring writer and musician.
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2 Responses to I’ve Become a Lazy Writer …

  1. territerri says:

    Looking forward to you writing more frequently again!

    I’m often inspired by the writings of others too. And I find that if I let too many days pass between writing, it’s harder to churn up my creativity. So I try to keep at it regularly. I often find that if I just sit down and start typing something… anything… an idea for a post forms itself.

  2. Peter Wood - Jenkins says:

    One thing that I have found in Writing songs is knowing when to let it rest a while and sleep on it the number of times I have walked out of my Writers Studio to take on some garden maintenance or other piece of Home Do It Yourself and that missing line or melody comes to
    me whilst away from the Music Room I have lost count of

    Our Sub Concious definitely works on any problem that crops up from lyrics music to repairs and home renovation , well it does in my case because I love doing all those things on my own
    and in my own way

    I know fellow musicians who would have difficulty pumping up a tyre or living in a harmonious relationship . I also know others who come up with great ideas in arranging a song , in a studio

    We are all different thank god . I also know that some songs need many re writes thats
    why I am involved with many songs at one time, The business is not about one song
    As I am sure many here know

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