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I Want to Love Snow Again!!

As a child growing up in the Carolinas, I loved the snow!  Or at least I loved the prospect of snow.  It never really snowed all that much and when it did, it was the occasion for great celebration. Winter in … Continue reading

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Making Memories

Did you ever try to create a memory? It’s tough to do … When I was a teen and my siblings were younger, our family took an extended camping trip across the country for 8 weeks. We didn’t know it at … Continue reading

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What once was old is now new again!

Have you ever had the opportunity to revisit you youth? As a teenager in 1967, I was the lucky recipient of this Silvertone guitar made by the Harmony Company and sold through Sears. It was my first acoustic guitar after … Continue reading

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The Old House

Once a source of warmth and light, the old house is cold and dark now. Still generating familiar sights and smells, instead of bringing joy, they now only create an aching sense of emptiness and loss. I find it hard … Continue reading

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Do You Have a Job without Aggravation ??

I was in a band in high school and college.  We were popular locally and we managed to get bookings pretty much every weekend providing us with that rarest of privileges … getting paid for doing what you love to … Continue reading

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Life’s Pleasant Little Surprises

Life continues to sprinkle in pleasant little surprises and the power of social networking just provided another one. Today, I found my elementary school Principal on Facebook! So what, you say?  What’s so unusual about finding a school administrator on … Continue reading

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The 10 Best lines from the 10 Best Movies (late-60s & early-70s)

Today, whether on Turner Classic Movies (TMC) or on American Movie Classics (AMC), you get a pretty steady diet of older movies.  Some are great, some are merely good, and quite frankly, some are pretty awful! I’ve chosen the period … Continue reading

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Thoughts Upon the Prospect of My First White Christmas

So, it just might happen!  They say there’s an excellent chance! For the first time in my life and for only the second time in recorded history, the Raleigh area of North Carolina may have a White Christmas. When I … Continue reading

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“Turn Out the Lights … the Party’s Over …”

One of my earliest sports heroes is gone.  “Dandy Don” Meredith died yesterday at the age of 72 My first memory of caring anything about professional football is from the day my Dad explained that the Green Bay Packers were … Continue reading

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If You Know What THIS Is … You May be getting OLD!

WHAT is this!?       Anybody know? If you were a child in the late 1950’s, you can’t help but recognize it. This is something I used to stare at every Saturday morning from about 6 o’clock a.m. until maybe 8 … Continue reading

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