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Becoming a Good Songwriter …

Once I get started , songwriting comes pretty easy to me and I’ve found that composing lyrics is a natural intuitive process that draws heavily on my poetic ability. Over the years I’ve written a lot of poetry and I’ve … Continue reading

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Heading out to “Putter” …

My wife and I like to “putter” around on weekends and┬áholidays … some call it window shopping, others call it simply messing around. For us, it’s always been “puttering. Today is Memorial Day so we’re heading out to “Putter” … … Continue reading

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Don’t Borrow Trouble …

Like I do so frequently, I’m busy borrowing trouble again. Knowing full well that it’s counter productive and self-defeating, I continue to worry excessively about what might happen. Worst case scenarios about things I’m helpless to change one way or … Continue reading

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