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When You Finally Listen to the Lyrics …

Do you ever find yourself simply enjoying a song without ever giving much thought to the lyrics. I used to happen to me all the time. Particularly back in the day, when songs came on the radio randomly and by chance, … Continue reading

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Becoming a Good Songwriter …

Once I get started , songwriting comes pretty easy to me and I’ve found that composing lyrics is a natural intuitive process that draws heavily on my poetic ability. Over the years I’ve written a lot of poetry and I’ve … Continue reading

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“The Path that Charlie Chose” …

This is my latest effort at writing song lyrics. It’s all about happiness in life, or lack thereof, and the choices some people make trying to achieve it. Tell me what you think. Praise and constructive criticism are equally solicited … Continue reading

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Seeing Jesse Smile

I’ve been thinking lately about seeing Jesse smile. Lately I’ve been wishing she’d stay home for a while. I miss her when she leaves me and sometimes when she’s here. I see her smile so seldom before it disappears.      … Continue reading

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