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What’s in a name? Google has the answer!

Growing up, I had a hard time dealing with my name.  Insecurity rules the formative years for most of us and being saddled with an unusual name can certainly add to the burden. At least that’s what I thought as a … Continue reading

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America: The Story of Us … was it the Full Story?

Did you watch the first installment of the History Channel series, “America: the Story of Us”  last Sunday? Given the theme of my blog, you can assume correctly that I’d been anticipating this show since they started promoting it a … Continue reading

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Is John Mayer on to something?

“I have these dreams of walking home, home  where it used to be.  And everything is as it was. frozen in front of me.  Here I stand, 6 feet small, romanticizing years ago.  But, it’s a bittersweet feeling wrapped around … Continue reading

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Are you a history “Reenactor” or an “Imagin-actor”?

First, let me say that I have absolutely nothing against reenactors or reenactments.  I totally understand and appreciate what reenactors are trying to do and I commend them for their dedication.   I have attended reenactments and they are grand events with lots … Continue reading

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A summer reading suggestion

Do you like good historical fiction?  How about an exciting mystery? “The Whiskey Rebels”, an excellent novel by Davis Liss combines the best of each  genre and works very nicely on both levels. Liss has chosen a somewhat under-appreciated era in the history … Continue reading

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