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My Favorite Summer Memory

In 1963 … during my 14th summer, our family went on the adventure of a lifetime. Early one morning, we loaded up the trunk of our brand new Buick LeSabre, hooked up our Cox “pop-up” camper and the six of us … … Continue reading

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Help! I’m Dying Up Here!

The number one fear among a large percentage of human beings  on this planet is not the fear of death … it’s the fear of having to speak in public.  This is not an exaggeration.  It’s been proven over and … Continue reading

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Oil in Our Blood … Nostalgia on Our Minds?

As I watched the apparently futile efforts of BP to cap the oil gushing from their damaged well in the Gulf and anticipated the looming ecological impact that is inevitable once this mess reaches shore, I felt a sharp pang … Continue reading

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Empty Nest Uncertainty

Next week our daughter graduates from high school.  Ordinarily, this might not be considered a particularly big deal.  But, it represents a huge transition in our lives.  After 40 years of marriage our last child is ready to become an … Continue reading

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