A Sad Statistic Grows by One More …

On Sunday, September 16th, at age 87, my Dad became part of a rapidly growing statistic.

He passed away sixty-seven years after completing his service in the US Army Air Corps during World War II.

We are losing our World War II veterans at an estimated rate of 740 per day! Nationally, 270,200 World War II veterans are projected to die this year …

Very soon … much sooner than any of would like, there will be a news story recognizing someone, somewhere as the last living WWII veteran. 

This very real eventuality is something that seemed beyond comprehension as I grew up among and looked up to millions of men who had served and returned home, getting their educations on the GI Bill; marrying, starting families, and having the children that would form the beginnings of my own Baby Boom generation.

Now it’s a cold hard fact that is slapping us in the face at the rate of 740 times each and every day.  The rate has grown alarmingly for the past few years and while I took notice of it and understood my Dad’s susceptibility to the trend, it was always something down the road … something important, but for the moment … impersonal.

On September 16th it became personal.


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