Feeling Pretty Good …

My plans for a laid back Saturday morning are off to a promising start.

After a week of late nights and early rising, I finally had a chance to catch a few extra hours of sack time and I jumped on it.

Feeling refreshed and mentally, if not yet physically energetic, I’m sipping strong black coffee and preparing myself for tonight when I will take on the excitement and challenge of performing at another open-mic in front of family, friends, and dozens of strangers.

Over the past year, singing and playing in public have become almost second nature to me.  This is something that I could never have imagined earlier in my life when low self-esteem coupled with intense stage fright kept me from ever seriously considering doing what I secretly had a strong desire to do.

Now I casually shoo my butterflies aside, pick up my guitar, and stride up to the microphone with a degree of confidence I never would have thought was in me.  And it’s a nice, empowering sort of feeling, to know that you’ve conquered your fear and begun to realize your dreams.

When I started my blog, I described myself as a late bloomer and an aspiring writer.

I’ve now added the word musician to my late blooming aspirations.

While blooming late, I am indeed a writer and I am a musician too … just as I aspired to be.

How much I’m able to accomplish remains to be seen, but on this lazy, low stress Saturday morning, I’m feeling pretty good.


About Judson

Late bloomer ... aspiring writer and musician.
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One Response to Feeling Pretty Good …

  1. territerri says:

    I find it absolutely amazing that you were able to overcome stage fright and actually become comfortable being on stage and performing! You give me hope that I can still overcome so many of my own insecurities.

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