My New Passion …

For the past few weeks I’ve neglected my writing in favor of my new passion … performing live at open-mic nights.

I’ve now gone on stage three times, most recently this past Saturday night. It’s beginning to get easier. I’m beginning to overcome my stage fright little by little.

Still, it’s quite intimidating to stand (or in my case sit) in front of 40-50 strangers and put your self-esteem on the line.

My kids even went along with me for support. I feel sure they were quite eager that Dad not embarrass himself and by association, embarrass them as well.

When I was done with my 4-song set, I got a nice round of applause and my son said I was “awesome“. Invaluable positive feedback from all concerned!

Still, it’s a bit of a mystery to me why I’ve become so determined to do it.

I’m beginning to believe it’s a form of self-discipline … making myself do something I want to do, but that’s outside my comfort zone.

At my age, I don’t anticipate ever being much more than sort of “sonic wall paper” for a few people after hours in a bar or coffeehouse. But, that’s okay.

It’s like my writing.

I do it mainly for me. The fact that other people may enjoy it is just a bonus.


About Judson

Late bloomer ... aspiring writer and musician.
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6 Responses to My New Passion …

  1. nrhatch says:

    I’ll echo your son . . . AWESOME!

    • Judson says:

      Nancy … yes, he’s sort of reserved. At least he has been when around me. When I get an awesome from him, I know I must have done somethihg good!

  2. Maggie says:

    That’s great! Feel the fear and do it anyway!

  3. territerri says:

    Good for you! I guess I always thought that as we grew older, we’d settle in our ways and not venture to try much that is new or different. But I’m feeling much like you these days. I don’t care to just settle in my ways. I still want to spread my wings a little bit. And not really for anyone else. Just for myself.

    Way to go!

  4. Judson says:

    Thanks Terri … For some reason, I feel like the fun part is just starting. I plan to enjoy it.

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