Where is Herby?

Herby is missing.  Has anyone seen him?

One of the blogs I enjoyed following regularly entitled Living-as-Herby suddenly disappeared this past week.

I’ve only been blogging a little over a year, and I’m sure this sort of thing happens all the time, but it was my first experience with a blogger just suddenly “going missing” as it were, so you’ll excuse me if I found it a bit disturbing.

There have to be a lot of reasons why someone would blog for months and suddenly stop blogging.  Heck, I take a hiatus myself quite frequently when I have nothing in particular to say.  But, I don’t just disappear.  At least not up to this point.

But, “Living-as-Herby” is just gone.  Announced by WordPress as “deleted by the author”


I guess I could assume that Herby was the one person in the world who actually experienced “The Rapture” this past weekend.  But, I dunno.  Our discussions about religion lead me to believe he probably would have been “Left Behind” like most of the rest of us.

     No, it’s more likely that he just decided to call it quits. 

So anyway, this is my way of figuratively placing Herby on the literary “milk carton.”

     If you see Herby … please tell him we miss him.


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Late bloomer ... aspiring writer and musician.
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8 Responses to Where is Herby?

  1. nrhatch says:

    It is a bit disconcerting. Several of my cyber friends have gone missing.

    You might be interested in this post:

    Comment #8 (Classy Rose) is by someone who has also gone missing. Without a word.

    Neither Andi nor Rose deleted their blogs . . . so maybe they’ll be back.

  2. Judson says:

    Ah … somehow I missed seeing your blog on the subject only a short while back. Good points. I’m sure you’re right. And as you say, nothing much I can do about it on my end.

  3. Vanessa R Turner says:

    Herby and I went to school together and were facebook friends who caught up IRL about once every 12mths. I don’t know either where Herby went – he dissapeared from facebook and isn’t answering text messages either 😦
    Hope he’s ok – we miss you Herby, Come Back!!!

    • herby says:

      Ness – I never received your text? Wonder who you sent it to or whether it got lost while I was flying to the US? I also can’t find your email address – the one I have bounces.

  4. Judson says:

    Vanessa … appreciate the update. Sort of troubling for sure.

  5. herby says:

    I’m sorry Judson – I have my reasons for having to stop blogging. They are personal and the decision just had to be made without any way of turning back. I am ok and didn’t experience any sort of rapture 😉 . Life is just taking a different path and focusing on life off the internet has become a major priority.

    A friend told me about your post so I wanted to let you know I’m all good and that I’m sorry for just disappearing without warning – I just know myself – I don’t do goodbyes very well and I really needed to delete my blog.

  6. libby says:

    Herby, I was enjoying reading your blog and I miss you too. Glad you are OK. Hope the next chapter of life turns out well for you.

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