This Makes Me Mad … I’m Sirius!!

So, here’s the rant.

What is it about cable TV and now satellite radio providers that makes them want to play “fruit-basket-turnover” with the channel line-ups?

They always preface the change by saying it’s to serve us better

Better how, exactly?  Isn’t life already complicated enough?  Thanks to the computer age, don’t we already have to remember a dozen different passwords and pin numbers?  Don’t we have to change them frequently just to protect ourselves? 

On May 4th, Sirius XM plans to change the channel numbers throughout their line-up.

They don’t really say why.  Only that it will make life much easier for us the subscribers and that our listening enjoyment will increase.

I dunno … when this happens with Time Warner Cable … and it happens a lot more often than it should in my humble opinion … I seldom notice any particular increase in either my viewing pleasure, or my ease in navigating the system.

     Mostly what I experience is frustration.

Maybe the channel line-up on Sirius XM actually is “broke” and they really are going to “fix” it for us.

     If so, they have my undying gratitude.

But, if it’s really just some sort of corporate maneuver to tweak profitability, then I’m not quite as happy.

     Call my cynical … I think they are doing it for themselves and not for me.

Now, pardon me while I download the new line-up sheet and get ready to re-program all of my channel pre-sets ….

May 4th is just around the corner.


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9 Responses to This Makes Me Mad … I’m Sirius!!

  1. nrhatch says:

    I hear ya, brother!

    I liked that Brighthouse added hi def stations to our cable line up . . . but why are they so damn far away from the non hi def stations? You cannot scroll up and down. You have to program them or remember the channel numbers. Ack!

    • Judson says:

      So the change came and went and amazingly, my channel pre-sets remained in place and picked up all the newer channel numbers automatically. Hooray for technology! Still not sure why the need to switch all the numbers in the first place, though.

  2. firecracker3 says:

    Although they tout the “new and improved” version of things many times, rarely are things improved. I tend to wonder who thought it was a good idea. What panel said, “yea let’s mess with the consumers, it will be fun!” The SiriusXM station change was alright and I see the point of syncing the stations for the Sirius vs. XM users.

    • Judson says:

      Is that what was behind the whole thing? Synching the stations between the two providers? I guess I just didn’t catch that part and I had seen my cable company mess with the stations so many times, I went off without full info.


  3. firecracker3 says:

    Oddly enough after the change I have had issues with my online access. It works for less than an hour then freezes and I have to start over with the login. After 4 logins I gave up for today 🙂

  4. firecracker3 says:

    Indeed! 🙂

  5. territerri says:

    Guess I’m glad that I just listen to good old-fashioned radio.

    • Judson says:

      Terri —

      There’s just something about the “commercial free, genre specific” benefits of satellite radio that makes it worth the investment for me. Access to 4-5 different “oldies” stations for instance.

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