What Are YOU Scared Of?

What are YOU scared of?  Come on, be honest, everybody is scared of something.  How about you?

I suppose its normal for us as human beings to have phobias … almost all of us fear something and even though the reality of the danger may be far-fetched and even imaginary, the anxiety we feel is palpable.

Like most small children, at one time I was scared of the monster under my bed, and the creeper in the closet.  I didn’t like to enter a room with no lights on and walking home after dark was particularly foreboding.

    As I grew older, I got over these particular fears. 

    They don’t bother me today.

But, there are two phobias that I developed early and they continue to plague me to this day.  They create intense anxiety when I’m awake and they quite often haunt my dreams.

Two of my greatest fears, even as an adult are Tornadoes and Tidal Waves (Tsunami’s) …

This past weekend, close on the heels of viewing the terrifying Japanese Tsunami footage, the area where we live suffered an outbreak of tornadic activity of historic proportions.  There was a lot of damage and people were killed and injured all around us.

Although we personally suffered no physical harm from the multiple twisters and the tidal waves were thousands of miles away, the effect for me was a  psychological double whammy.

I freely admit.  I’m still scared of tornadoes and tidal waves. 

What are you scared of?


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9 Responses to What Are YOU Scared Of?

  1. Maggie says:

    Fires and hurricanes.

    • judson says:

      I’m with you on fires … I always want to know where the exits are!

      To use an analogy from the old horror movies … to me hurricanes are slow and plodding sort of like Zombies. You can see them coming a long way off and you should be able to get away from them (unless of course, you trip and fall!). Tornados are like Vampires … they jump out rapidly and get you when you’re not prepared. Yikes!


  2. nrhatch says:

    Tsunamis, Earthquakes, Tornadoes, and Flash Floods concern me more than Hurricanes which give lots of advance warning.

    But I wouldn’t say I have a phobia about any of them ~ just a healthy respect for Mother Nature and our need to care for Planet Earth.

    I’m not afraid of dying . . . but I am afraid of dying painfully. Or being tortured. But, again, it’s not really a phobia, just something I would like to avoid, if at all possible.

    • Judson says:

      I agree … seeking to avoid doesn’t necessarily equate to fear or phobia. I have a rational level of concern about many things. Tornados and Tidal Waves are my only irrational bugaboos.


  3. Katie says:

    Earthquakes. I get nervous every time I go somewhere known to have them. In fact, I think I would love to live in San Francisco, but I’m afraid the San Andreas fault will probably always keep me from committing to a move there…

    • Judson says:

      There was actually a small earthquake along the NC/SC line a month or so ago. Not even enough to notice. I heard about it on the news. The east coast has a fault line, but it is considered minor compared to the west coast and particularly northern California.

  4. territerri says:

    I’m with you in your fear of tornados. I’ve never experienced one, but living in MN, the fear and possibility is always present in the summer months. My other big fear? Spiders.

  5. owen says:

    Needles and spiders,
    Ever since my injection went wrong and ripped some of my skin at the doctors, when i see one i run away or close my eyes. I can’t stand them.

    As for spiders, they’re just scary xD

    • Judson says:

      Owen, Hi!

      My Dad was a doctor. When I was a child, I got shots all the time whether I needed them or not, so it seemed. I learned all sorts of clever hiding places around the house when it became known that a shot was planned. I can handle spiders, but run from snakes very rapidly!

      — Judson

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