Thoughts Upon the Prospect of My First White Christmas

So, it just might happen! 

They say there’s an excellent chance!

For the first time in my life and for only the second time in recorded history, the Raleigh area of North Carolina may have a White Christmas.

When I was little I really did dream of a White Christmas.  In fact the chance of waking up to a thick blanket of snow filled many of my dreams whether it was Christmas or not.

Even into young adulthood, I used to absolutely love the idea of being snowed in  .. all cozy in front of the fire.  The idea of a snowfall so heavy that it absolutely paralyzed all activity was totally fascinating.  Although I never actually experienced it, I could imagine how it would be and, oh how I longed for it.

As I grew older and we had children, the idea of snow while still somewhat intriguing, became less enchanting each time the kids came in wet and cold and had to be changed before going out again.  As the pristine white blanket turned into a morass of dirty wet slush, which hardened overnight into black ice that school busses could not negotiate, the third or fourth day of no school caused the idea of another minute snuggled by the fire with a cup of coffee and a gaggle of bored, whiny kids  to seem like  the very definition of hell.

Additionally, the nature of my work demanded that I get in to the office regardless of weather conditions and subsequently, snow became an irritant for most of the past three decades. 

It’s both sad and  funny how your perspective changes along with the conditions governing your life. 

 As a child, I wished of snow … longed for snow … dreamed of snow.  Nothing could be better than a genuine blizzard followed by a thick blanket that stuck around for weeks turning everything into the proverbial Winter Wonderland.  But, as a young parent I came to dread the “cabin fever” that inevitably came with any snow-related school closing.

Now the kids are all grown.  School closings are not an issue.  While snowfall still causes me a fair amount of anxiety regarding my job, it’s not the issue that it once was. 

Once again, I find the idea of being “snowed in” a bit fascinating.  The possibility of seeing our house decorated for the holidays and looking like a picture postcard has regained  a certain appeal.

It’s Christmas after all … I don’t have to go to work.  Kids are out of school everywhere.  All my family is with me and nobody has to travel to get here.  It’s the perfect time to let go of all my built up prejudice  against it and simply say  ….

“Since we’ve no place to go …  let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!”


About Judson

Late bloomer ... aspiring writer and musician.
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4 Responses to Thoughts Upon the Prospect of My First White Christmas

  1. nrhatch says:

    Here’s to wishes that come true!

    Hope you get the White Christmas you long for ~ if you don’t, maybe next Christmas you could head to Vermont?

    We’re having a “green” Christmas this year . . . which works perfectly for me.

    • Judson says:

      I’m actually okay with a Green Christmas … one White Chirstmas … just to say we had it .. would be sufficient for a lifetime to me. Hope yours was great in the Sunshine State.

  2. Maggie says:

    I live in the Raleigh area too – and I’m really hoping we see some snow! 😀

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