If You Know What THIS Is … You May be getting OLD!

WHAT is this!? 

     Anybody know?

If you were a child in the late 1950’s, you can’t help but recognize it.

This is something I used to stare at every Saturday morning from about 6 o’clock a.m. until maybe 8 o’clock. 

I hated this thing with a passion, but I also loved it, because I knew it preceded my favorite activity of the week and staring at it was just a way to pass the time.

It seemed like an eternity, but if I stared at this thing long enough, magical beings in the form of “Howdy Doody”, “Captain Kangaroo”, “Hopalong Cassidy”, “Roy Rogers” and a whole host of other wonderful characters would appear right there in the room with me!

So, while my parents were wasting their time sleeping in on Saturday morning … while my siblings were munching on corn flakes … I was using my time productively. 

     I was getting ready for action! 

          I was preparing to be entertained!

               I was busy watching the “Test Pattern” …


About Judson

Late bloomer ... aspiring writer and musician.
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8 Responses to If You Know What THIS Is … You May be getting OLD!

  1. nrhatch says:

    My BFF and I both recognized it right away . . . but I recognize it from late night viewing that ENDED, rather than early morning viewing about to COMMENCE. 🙂

  2. Judson says:

    Nancy —

    Yep, I believe it came on around 11:30 pm after the national anthem and stayed up all night long. Of course, at that age I was tucked in bed long before the sign-off fo the night …

    — Judson

  3. territerri says:

    I had no idea what it was. YAY! I’m not old! At least by your standards 🙂

  4. agg79 says:

    I’m sorry to admit that I DO remember this test pattern, but I was very young when I first saw it. Used to warm up the tv with this pattern just before “What time is it kids?”.

  5. Oh, yes, I remember it well. The mandala and its high-pitched meditative “aum”. Of course in those days I had no idea what meditation was, or that staring at it for long periods of time and zoning out while waiting for more action on the tiny screen was anything like meditation.
    When I was growing up I remember getting our first TV. A huge “Arvin” in a towering blond wood case. It was a piece of furniture… with doors you could close over the screen. I was never sure if the doors were there to protect the screen or to hide the fact that you had succumed to the TV craze.

    Golly. I AM old. ))

  6. lesliepaints says:

    Oh yes, Judson, I have lived that long and I did the same thing if I could get away with it. Turn on the TV and run to the kitchen to make some taost with jelly and run back out and wait for the test pattern to diappear. Ha! Later….I remember listening to the Star Spangled Banner and watching the flag prior to the network closing down for the overnight. 🙂

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