Confessions of a Worry-Wart.

I spend a lot of time sweating the small stuff.  I’m a worry-wart and I know it.

     And I hate that about myself.

Some people I know seem to go through each and every day living in the moment.  They don’t appear to be overly concerned about what could happen.  They’re not focused on what might happen.  They’re perfectly willing to wait until it actually does happen and deal with it then.

     How do they do that?   I don’t know for sure, but …

          I suspect that they all on drugs.

I want to calm down.  I want to worry less.  I want to live for the moment and forget about tomorrow, but it’s not in my nature. 

     Apparently I’m hard-wired to worry.

I’m not a pessimist per se.  Pessimism implies that one would always expect the worst.  I actually don’t automatically expect the worst.

     In fact, much of the time, I expect the best. 

But … then I worry that my optimism is most likely misplaced.

     You see what I’m saying? 

I don’t automatically expect the worst to happen, but I am constantly formulating contingency plans just in case it does.

All of this takes up a lot of time and energy.  It weighs heavily on my spirit.  It taxes my relationships with my loved ones.  It’s something I think about a lot … and frankly, it worries me.

     The fact that I do worry so much …. uh …. worries me!

I am a worry-wart.  And I hate that about myself.

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Late bloomer ... aspiring writer and musician.
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4 Responses to Confessions of a Worry-Wart.

  1. territerri says:

    Fellow worrier here… I COMPLETELY get this! I worry about arriving places on time. I worry about getting lost. I worry about my kids. I worry that I forgot to turn the iron off or shut the garage door. I worry about big stuff and small stuff.

    Someone has to do the worrying. I guess that’s us!

  2. nrhatch says:

    To some extent, we are all hard wired to worry, but we can do some re-wiring and worry much, much less.

    Start with one minute. Don’t worry about anything for one minute. Then two. Then three. Work up to 30 minutes of no worrying a day. 🙂

    Actually, just by becoming aware of your thoughts, you’ve taken the first step. Some people don’t even know what worry warts they are!

    And, besides, this post is FUN to read! Cheers!

  3. herby says:

    I’m a worry wort too 🙂 So can totally relate to your post 🙂

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