The Wife and Me … in DC for Free

After about two weeks with no computer … malware virus … I’m back in business with my brand new Toshiba lap top.  It’s good to be back.

While I was gone, my wife and I spent a wonderful weekend in Washington, DC.  It was the Saturday of the 9th anniversary of 9/11 … a particularly meaningful time to be in DC.  We went out to Arlington National Cemetery for the changing of the guard ceremony at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.  A moving experience, and it was something I’d wanted to do for years.

Tomb of the Unknown Soldier at Arlington

Arlington is an amazing place.  Much bigger than I’d have imagined.  I love to walk, but it was much too spacious even for me.

While we were riding the tour tram, for some reason, the driver called our attention to a specific grave.  Except that it was  piled high with flowers, it looked exactly like thousands of others.  

But, then he explained that it was the grave of the pilot of the plane that was forced to crash into the Pentagon in 2001, and I teared up.  Honestly, everyone buried at Arlington is a hero in their own right, but this particular grave, on this particular day was something different.

Now, I was not around for Pearl Harbor, but I lived through the assassination of John and Bobby Kennedy and Martin Luther King.  I know what national tragedy feels like.   I’ve even visited the “grassy knoll” in Dallas and it was eerie … but I don’t remember feeling touched emotionally. 

But being at Arlington on the anniversary of the terrorist attack was a special feeling.

The entire trip was wonderful!

One of the reasons it was great was because it was free!  I applied for a job on a whim and sort of unexpectedly I managed to make the semi-finals.

We were put up at the wonderful Marriott Wardman Park Towers hotel.  Very old and very elegant.  We loved it!

I didn’t get the job, but that was okay. 

I’m convinced that things work out for the best and I gave it my best shot, but it wasn’t n the cards.

On the drive home, my wife and I talked about the idea of applying for jobs in places we’d like to visit and just seeing where it would lead.

So …. anybody out there hiring?????


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5 Responses to The Wife and Me … in DC for Free

  1. nrhatch says:

    What a great way to have an all expenses paid weekend! 8)

  2. territerri says:

    What a moving experience! I really need to travel and SEE things!

    Glad you’re okay with not getting the job.

  3. nrhatch says:

    Have you thought about adding share buttons to your posts . . . so people can quickly post them on FB, etc.?

  4. Ed Darrell says:

    Nice post. But, um, “9th anniversary.”


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