Confusing Activity with Productivity

I feel a rant coming on … 

Too much of my time has been invested over the past dozen years to the never-ending task of convincing people that activity does NOT necessarily equate to productivity!

My vantage point is somewhat unique.

Although it probably sounds like a contradiction in terms, I’m responsible for a self-supporting unit, operating within state government.

In other words, my group generates the revenue necessary to pay all of our annual operational costs … but we operate in a culture and an environment largely funded off of tax dollars.

In the simplest and most graphic terms … we must kill what we eat … or we starve.

So by necessity, we are forced to judge our every activity in terms of how much it will affect our productivity.

Still, almost every single day, I observe people who are VERY busy!  I know they are working as hard as they possibly can, and I hesitate to pull them aside to ask them what they are actually accomplishing.

They truly believe that the busier they stay and the more they appear to be doing, the more effective they are and the greater their job security.

In most cases they are wrong.

Most of the time, it’ s fairly obvious that these people are indeed, confusing activity with productivity.

It’s pervasive in state government, from our legislators on down … this tendency to trumpet how much you do rather than analyzing the actual effectiveness of what you did …

So, I feel I MUST rant!

And what better place for me to rant, than on my very own blog???

Ahhhh … there, I feel better already.

Now … maybe I should get back to work!


About Judson

Late bloomer ... aspiring writer and musician.
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One Response to Confusing Activity with Productivity

  1. Eldedaspedeer says:

    Very Interesting!
    Thank You!

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