Brussels Sprouts

Lets talk about Brussels sprouts … 

Quite possibly the most polarizing side dish in the entire culinary universe?

In my experience, you either love them or you hate them. 

There appears to be no gray area. 

No room for debate. 

No … in-between.

What is it about Brussels sprouts that tars their reputation in a way that other weird green stuff like asparagus and even broccoli manages to avoid??

How did something so cute as these tiny baby cabbages become the victim of such widespread and sustained prejudice??

Has it been building up for centuries?  Perhaps even for millennia??

Apparently the Romans were the first to cultivate’em.  Later in the 13th century, they made the scene in northern Europe in what is now Belgium, … hence their name.

They didn’t make it to the United States until around 1800. Still, that’s a long time for a food that at least half the human race appears to  despise.

How did something like this happen?  How is it that a food so universally disliked has not disappeared from our tables and vanished from our diets completely?

I suppose, maybe I deserve at least some of the credit.  I actually LOVE Brussels Sprouts!  Whenever I have a choice (which is not too often) I choose Brussels sprouts as one of my “sides”.

I have probably personally eaten enough Brussels sprouts in my lifetime to off-set the bias of a dozen of the  “haters” … I vote with my fork, early and often.

But just like the couple on election day who routinely offset each others vote, my wife absolutely HATES’em!  She will not eat them.  She doesn’t even like to touch them! 

One of her most vivid tales from her childhood centers around a stand-off with her father over finishing her dinner by … yep … finishing her serving of Brussels sprouts.

As her story goes, she sat there for hours, arms folded, jaw set tight, staring down at her plate. 

“Young lady, you’re not leaving this table until your plate is clean!”

“Hah!  That’s what you think.” she mutters under her breath.

Well, according to her, she never ate’em, but  I can’t remember how things finally got resolved.  Suffice it to say, she probably just outlasted her dad with simple dogged determination. 

They say everybody has a breaking point.  Hmmmm … apparently except when eating Brussels sprouts is involved.

With this in mind, it’s a true testament to her devotion, that she will occasionally prepare Brussels sprouts … just to satisfy me.  She won’t eat’em.  Even our own kids won’t go near’em.  They don’t even like to smell them cooking.

Hmmm.  They … don’t … like … to … smell them.

Is that it?  Is that ALL!!!  

We can’t go around boycotting foods that taste good, simply because they might smell bad, can we?

I sense Brussels sprout haters everywhere nodding their heads and raising their hands saying  … “Yes, we can!”

Well, okay, but what about tuna fish salad??  The stuff looks and smells like CAT FOOD! 

Am I right? 

Can I get an “AMEN”???

Oh … nevermind.


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Late bloomer ... aspiring writer and musician.
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4 Responses to Brussels Sprouts

  1. territerri says:

    I love brussels sprouts. And so do my kids. But I didn’t always. I have a habit of deciding I don’t like certain foods and never touching them again, until for some reason I try it again and realize I love it. Such was the case for me with brussels sprouts. And celery too.

  2. Patrick says:

    You do have 1 kid that love em’ 🙂

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