The Simple Joy of Walking

I’m just back from the 3-mile walk that officially begins my long and hopefully leisurely July 4th holiday.  While I have a lot of plans for how I’ll spend my free time, taking this walk was first on the list.

Walking, because it leaves me both energized and relaxed, has become my exercise of choice. 

It has superseded running and weights mostly because it is more convenient,  but also because it’s more enjoyable. 

While I never really liked to run and lifting weights was more of a challenge than a joy, I have found I have a true passion for walking.  I look forward to my walks in a way I never anticipated a long run or a trip to the gym.

I try to go for a walk every single day, actually rising at 5 o’clock am on work days, striking out way before the sun comes up.

Walking, unlike running and lifting, gives me the chance to contemplate other things during the casual act of putting one foot in front of the other for 30 minutes.  I can work through problems in my head in a way that I could have never done while panting and sweating or pushing and groaning through a run or a weight session.

Or, since walking requires minimal concentration or focus, I can simply just zone out and think of nothing for a while.  And sometimes I just don’t want to think about anything at all.

Now, I’m off to do several other tasks … grocery run … car inspection … oil change … all the little necessary tasks that have to be accomplished even though I’m officially on holiday. 

Each day it seems, whether on vacation or working, brings challenges big and small. I find that I face them in a much better frame of mind because I started the day by treating myself to …

… the simple joy of walking.


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Late bloomer ... aspiring writer and musician.
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3 Responses to The Simple Joy of Walking

  1. territerri says:

    I walked for several years. And then I got it in my head that I should start running. So I did. I’m still working on conquering running. Does that ever happen? Just when I think I’ve really got it figured out, I realize I don’t. Running is so much more frustrating than walking. And yet, I still do it.

    I may consider a return to walking, just for the weekend.

  2. Barbara says:

    Hi Judson, I found your blog from Jeff’s blog.

    You’ve reminded me of a part of my life that I miss – for about ten years I used to walk at 6:30 a.m. for three miles a day, five days a week, with a friend who is no longer available. Occasionally I get a chance to walk with my sister or my sister-in-law. I don’t really feel safe walking by myself – there are a few unsavory characters out and about. And dogs… I got a treadmill and listen to music, but it’s not the same as being outside.

    I agree with you, walking relaxes and invigorates! It produces those wonderful endorphins that keep the mind and mood healthy!

  3. Judson says:

    Barbara —

    Its a shame that you have to worry about your safety just to enjoy a walk. I hope you can find another companion so you can get back outsider again. Thanks for coming by.


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